At NAC RETAIL we have one core belief, there is no compromise on quality. All of our products are sourced from manufacturers who design solutions and incorporate unique features & benefits for their uses & needs and source the best materials for the job


Aqua slip anti slip tape, manufactured from non abrasive materials. Perfect for use in areas exposed to moisture, bare skin or strict hygiene regulations.

At NAC Retail we have a large range of Safety Tapes that are cost effective, convenient and a hard wearing solution to creating your anti slip surface for home or work.

Professional-grade, high-quality optically clear acetate roll which is used by top pastry chefs and bakers. TIERRAFILM is perfect for cake and chocolate decorating. Ideal for lining rings and moulds in the kitchen and is designed to allow the cake to breath when setting

Professional cleaning wipes TOTAL TRADE: Removes oil, grease, paints, sealants, adhesives, inks and much more

Tool Box Essential

Every one of our engineers now Carries and uses these dust sheets now, an excellent tool box essential. If you want a hard wearing dust sheet this is what you need

TOUGH MAT Size: Medium - 1.2m x 3m, Barrett Heating

Great Grip

Great, perfect for the job I had to do, great grip on my ramp.

Size: 10cm x 3m - Colour: Red - White, Robert Hamilton

Great wall saver

Great bit of kit, it does what it says on the packet. Always up for an experiment, placing ones hand behind the product and holding a blowtorch to it works, although does get hot, (I take no responsibility for anyone trying this and getting burnt, this was a controlled experiment and I was quite sober at the time!), so was ideal for protecting the walls when soldering surface run copper pipe. The mat is very pliable and lends itself to awkward spots, great product.


Collars save the cake

The first time I tried collars, I bought the pre-cut ones. I knew the concept worked quite well, but they don’t hold up to repeated washings and use. Plus, the precut ones lacked about 3 inches meeting in a larger cake pan, so the roll is ideal for cutting off exactly what one needs and no more. I still wash and reuse at least one more time. Collars have been wonderful for building tall cakes that are taller than the pan in which I am assembling them. I wish I’d found them earlier.

TIERRAFILM Clear Acetate Roll 10cm High - (10cm x 100m 125 Micron) , N. MOORE

No fear of slipping in shower now

Just had new walk-in shower fitted but worried about how smooth the tray was. I needed three packs as the tray is very large and just used a random pattern. My wife and I are now much happier walking around the shower with no fear of sliding on the new surface. Delivery was prompt. They have now been down about three months and no sign of lifting or staining.

AQUA SLIP WATERPROOF ANTI SLIP STICKERS - Size: 4cm - avg. 30 stickers Colour: White Treads, Mr H.

Great for kids loft bed ladders

Bought this to mark the rungs on the ladder to my 6 year old’s loft bed. He loves the fact that the white portions glow in the dark. The anti-slip ‘grip grit’ is a bit coarsely textured [under barefoot] in this application… but he definitely won’t miss a step.

Size: 2.5cm x 3mColour: Hazard, Jax

Acetate for Baking

What can you say about acetate, it does what it is meant to, not cheap but best price I found online. Used to make a layered mousse cake and did what its surposed too.

TIERRAFILM Clear Acetate Roll 10cm High - (10cm x 100m 125 Micron) Mrs. J. Webb

Excellent product

After years of setting fire to floor boards, joists and skirting I thought I should treat myself to a soldering mat. This one offered a decent large size and better temperature resistance than others I looked at. A little bit pricier than some, but with this product you get what you pay for. Very thick and has almost completely stopped me from burning my house down. Would definitely recommend.

BURN MAT BRONZE, Reginald Glovebox

Good Quality

Recommended tape we used for our mot bay

Size: 10cm x 3m - Colour: Hazard, Kaz

Shower was slippy – shower now grippy

I bought this a couple of months ago to put at the tap end of my bath which doubles up as a shower. So far, it hasn’t started to peel away and has made the shower a lot less slippy.

AQUA SLIP WATERPROOF ANTI SLIP STRIPS - Size: 5cm x 3m Colour: Transparent, Colin D.Pughe

Good Product

Will do the job perfectly. It is a little thinner than expected. So when setting up the dog play pen the and lightly placing it on top of the floor mat the metal from the play pen made a slit. I hope that it will withstand puppies sharp nails.

DOG MAT - Size: Medium - 1.2m x 3m, Jax

Brilliant Product

Bought these as we have been decorating the lounge and wanted something to remove paint over spill. Perfectly up to the job. Thank you.

LX3 Cleaning Wipes, Gail Gould

Five stars

Just as needed

TOUGH MAT EXTREME - Size: 1m x 1.25m, Leon in Boise

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