NAC HOME DOG MAT (Value Packs)

  • Unrippable Industrial Grade Waterproof Dog Mat
  • Fully waterproof with no bunching or curling – For full floor protection, and no trip-hazard; Absorbent face to help absorb liquids
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable; Lays fat every time due to patented “memory” technology
  • Tough, robust woven top layer – To avoid tearing; Can be quickly cut to required size – perfect for playpens & pens
  • Reusable – Simply wash the mat and it’s ready for Fido once again

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Dogs – they say that they leave pawprints on our hearts. Which might be true, but they also leave pee, poop and carpet damage in their wake.

Originally designed for industrial use by painters, decorators and tradespeople, this product proved so popular with owners of mischievous dogs that we’ve now launched it to protect floors from paws too.

Completely waterproof, this dog mat will protect your flooring and carpets from pee, poop and muddy paws.

“I used the cloth for droppings in his pen area during the day.”

Ideal for use within an outdoor doghouse, indoor dog crate or over floors you’d prefer not to ruin, this dog mat doesn’t mess around – it’s seriously thick and easily washable – so you can re-use it again and again and again.

“My pug doesn’t believe in going to the bathroom outdoors in the pen. I needed a solution. I was very pleased when I opened the package. This was certainly material that could not be ripped. Even the ends stay flat – something I hadn’t gotten with plastic”.

Being made from rubber, this dog mat is suitable for even the sharpest of claws, and as the material features patented ‘memory’ technology it’ll lay flat (and stay flat) every, single, time (so there’s no risk of slips and trips on upturned edging).

The NAC HOME dog mat can also provide unfaltering grip over slippery surfaces which serve as a serious hazard to dogs’ legs (such as laminate floor, tiles, and real wooden floor).

To ensure this product is tough enough to withstand even the most boisterous of dogs, we manufacture the mat from natural rubber latex, which unsurprisingly smells rubbery. Natural rubber latex is also an allergen and can cause skin sensitisation. 

Fido’s met his match, with the NAC HOME Dog mat.


3 x (Small 1.2m x 1m), Small 1.2m x 1m, Medium – 1.2m x 3m, Medium – 1.2m x 3m, Large – 1.2m x 5m, Small 1.2m x 1m, Medium – 1.2m x 3m, Large – 1.2m x 5m

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