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NAC Safety Mat is a professional grade dust sheet that rapidly absorbs spilt substances like oil, paint and ink and has a built in anti slip membrane. Machine cut edges allow you to work quickly such as on a worktop against a wall or against a skirting board on the floor.


Key Features

  • Professional Surface Protection Dust Sheet
  • INTEGRAL ANTI – SLIP MEMBRANE to minimise risk of accidents when in use on smooth surfaces such as hard wood floors, vinyl, tiles to name a few
  • Waterproof to prevent spills damaging surfaces below
  • Absorbent face to prevent leak through of spills
  • Machine straight edges for rapid flush laying against skirting and walls
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Low lint surface layer to prevent dirt transference

Why use a Safety Mat?

How to use a Safety Mat?

  • The anti slip membrane holds the Safety Mat in place, allowing you to walk on it, but also stops dust or other debris from getting underneath it. Other mats require masking tape to hold them down
  • When covering furniture, tack the Safety Mat in place and when more than one dust sheet is required for a large piece of furniture, ensure that you overlap the dust sheets so there are no gaps for decorating grime to penetrate.
  • When you’ve finished with a Safety Mat gently fold into the centre of the sheet. Then pick up the corners and carry outside before unravelling. This will ensure any debris the duct sheet caught ends up outside and not on your flooring.

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