NAC Safety Self Adaptive Anti Slip Tape conforms to patterned surfaces, bends, corners and many other raised surfaces. The tape moulds to the surface onto which it is pressed. Suitable for application to diamond/lentils or willow leaves embossed metal plating.

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Key Features

  • Professional anti slip tape designed for pattern surfaces, rungs, bends, radius corners and other raised surfaces
  • Ideal for durbar plate, chequer plate, tread plate and diamond tread
  • Super-strong, self-adhesive backing – class O, dead soft aluminium foil backing
  • Backing has zero stretch tolerances and no memory, so can be pressed into place and will remain in that shape
  • Durable enough for years of use
  • Quick, robust, versatile and incredibly flexible
  • Use indoors or outdoors – even in tough weather conditions
  • No waiting around – ready for walking on immediately
  • Tested and certified to CCA FAA specification 8 for use within cockpit areas
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Available in black, yellow and hazard

Surface Preparation


5cm x 3m, 5cm x 18.3m, 10cm x 3m, 10cm x 18.3m


Black, Yellow, Hazard

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