TIERRAFILM Clear Acetate Roll Cake Collar

  • Professional-grade, high-quality optically clear acetate roll
  • Used by top pastry chefs and bakers
  • Food safe – non-toxic, odourless and environmentally friendly
  • Versatile – use for multiple applications
  • Perfect for cake and chocolate decorating
  • Ideal for lining rings and moulds in the kitchen
  • Designed to allow the cake to breath when setting
  • Acetate allows moisture to pass through – unlike PVC or solid collars
  • No soggy cake edges
  • Highly heat resistant – up to temperatures of 140 °C
  • Suitable for UV printing; Proudly made in Britain

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TIERRAFILM Optically Clear Acetate Roll 
Professional-grade, high-quality clear acetate roll – this official TIERRAFILM product is a cake maker’s friend and a secret weapon to pastry chefs. Create the perfect cake collar for clean, crisp cake sides; mould mousse cakes; line rings; shape soft deserts and craft chocolate shells, bows and decorations. Perfect for cake and chocolate decorations and also ideal for technical, crafts and graphics; and can be UV printed direct to substrate.
TIERRAFILM – Often imitated, never replicated 
Cheap Chinese imports are no match for our patented TIERRAFILM. Forget PVC and solid collars. Why? Because Acetate allows your cakes to breath – so soggy edges are consigned to the past. Put simply, if you want to create a spectacular vertical layer cake with clean, super sharp edges TIERRAFILM is the only name you should you use. Made in the UK with pride, shipped and supplied in a hygienic bag.
With TIERRAFILM Acetate Roll, crafting chocolate bows is easy, fast and clean 
Simply cut the bow loop lengths, spread the chocolate downwards using a small spatula – then fold and pinch the ends together. Once set, slowly peel the collar strip away. Finally, arrange the bow loops in a circle – adding further loops for the middle of the bow.


5cm x 5m, 6cm x 5m, 8cm x 5m, 10cm x 5m, 5cm x 10m, 6cm x 10m, 61cm x 10m, 8cm x 10m, 10cm x 10m, 10cm x 30m, 8cm x 30m, 5cm x 100m, 6cm x 100m, 8cm x 100m, 10cm x 100m

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